About us

Sara Market aims to be a pioneer of online grocery shopping. We focus in making good food more accessible by now delivering at your home or office. Through our website, we bring the best of what nature has to offer, conveniently at your doorstep by growing and partnering with carefully chosen local farms. 

Philosophy-Cost Effective and Fresh
Our philosophy roots from the desire to offer to the Cypriot Household fresh fruits and vegetables that will reflect the real cost of producing it.

We are proud to operate a 1000sqm facility where we receive, process and package all sorts of fruit, greens and vegetables under strict food safety conditions.

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Our Team
We strongly believe that nothing surpasses the feeling of tasting something really good at the peak of its freshness. It’s a passion shared by everyone we work with, from the people who grow, raise, and make what’s in your order to the team members who prepare and deliver it to you.



Sara Market commits to safely delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, taking as a priority its customers’ health. Food safety and control is demonstrated by our ISO 22000 (HACCP) certified facilities where products are received, cool stored and carefully packaged for delivery.